Sunday, April 21, 2024


There are two ways to be a freedom-loving American. You can go along to get along, trying to avoid controversy by pretending to embrace the newthink being forced upon us by Neo-Marxists. This option is safe, and you probably won’t be de-platformed if you take this road. You can still be conservative, libertarian, or however you classify yourself, but you have to be milquetoast in your opposition to anything “woke.”

Or, you can go “based.”

The Urban Dictionary has a few different meanings, but I prefer to simplify it as meaning you’ll live your life based on your worldview without concern for what others will think of you.

This seems to contradict with the notion of an “underground” since doing things on the down-low goes against the idea of not caring what others think. To understand this, I turn to Batman. No, not the Ben Affleck or Robert Pattinson version. In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman tells “Robin” that the mask isn’t to protect him, but his loved ones. Now, I’m not suggesting any loved ones are going to get killed just because someone gets based, but it will be much easier to recruit top notch writers if they aren’t worried about what their job or grandmother or kid’s school teacher thinks about them. We may not care, which is why we speak, but there’s still a need to protect those who can be harmed by reactions to our words.

At based underground, we want to spread the truth. Nothing else. Free speech isn’t as free as it used to be. Sometimes it can even be dangerous. That’s it.


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