How a conservative resistance to Biden must differ from the progressive resistance to Trump

Durk Jerc

Durk Jerc

How a conservative resistance to Biden must differ from the progressive resistance to Trump

This day, long-dreaded by conservatives across the United States, is here and nearly over. It’s Inauguration Day as I write this but the ideas we’re about to discuss should be evergreen for the next four years. If you’re a patriot who opposes the Neo-Marxist ideology that was spreading before Joe Biden became president, an ideology that is already showing signs of strengthening in the first few hours of his administration, then you’re probably loaded with emotion right now.

The time is now to channel it, and “now” means today regardless of what day it is. Whatever your emotion is, whether anger or fear or a resolute hope that we can fight what is coming and what is already here, we need to channel it into action. The left laid down a roadmap for how to be the “resistance” against President Trump. We need to take that roadmap and toss it out the window.

FromĀ Macbeth:

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time.

It’s nihilism that drove both Shakespeare’s titular character and the radical progressives who established the left’s narrative throughout President Trump’s time in office. They operated from an unhealthy perspective that drained the nation and themselves. But it didn’t work. President Trump didn’t lose because of their resistance. His administration was hampered by it, certainly, but the election was lost in spite of the “resistance” and their unhinged tactics.

Now, we’re seeing many on social media claiming to be ready to become the same type of “resistance” to a Biden administration that we saw from the left during the Trump administration. Please stop. Please do not look at the results of this election and think they were effective. They failed miserably on most levels and were little more than a nuisance. Without COVID-19 and massive voter fraud, the “resistance” would have been viewed in retrospect as a complete failure following a Trump landslide. So why would conservatives now want to start a variation of the same losing effort?

The answer is a combination of low discernment, emotional responses to the finalized results of the stolen election, and the id-factor. On that last note, let’s face it. Playing the role of “resistance” fighter attacking everything the Biden administration puts forward sounds like fun. We watched four years of conniving, scheming, and foot-stomping from the left and now we get our turn at it. But we MUST avoid this and similar tactics. Unless we’re ready to launch another virus into the wild, cheat massively in future elections, and destroy this nation the way the left tried to do, then we need to focus on being aggressive while still taking the high road.

The reason the “resistance” had to act out the way they did is because reality never matched their narrative. Things were good, so they had to pretend like things were bad in order to justify their opposition to President Trump and his policies. We have a much easier path to resistance because the proposed policies from the Biden administration are nearly all disastrous. The left had to manufacture Trump failures. Biden’s administration will manufacture their own failures without our help.

So, what do we do? How do we save this country without forming a right-wing version of Antifa or planting moles in the White House? We do so by watching and reporting. We will have the truth on our side, so there’s no need to manufacture failure. The economy is going to stagnate, and then tank. The military is going to be hampered, then decimated by cuts. Wars are likely to break out and the Biden administration is going to insert our troops into them. Abortion “rights” will be expanded while the valid rights of pre-born humans will be extinguished. The Second Amendment is going to take a beating from multiple fronts.

All of these things are going to happen, not because we do anything to force them but because the left’s ideology driving policies are bound to fail. We’re not talking about the many bad policies under the Obama administration. Those were terrible with the obvious pinnacle of failure being Obamacare. But the Biden administration is tripling down on everything bad the Obama administration wanted and they’re adding more failure to the mix.

Be aggressive, but be patient. Let things play out. And as they fail, get more aggressive. Mainstream media and Big Tech will do everything they can to cover up Biden administration failures just as they did everything they could to manufacture failures from the Trump administration. We must be the provocateurs of truth in the same way the “resistance” to President Trump were the provocateurs of lies.

For four years we watched the left lie about all of the “failures” of the Trump administration. Patriots moving forward must watch for the real-world failures of the Biden administration, then get the word out to the sheep.

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  1. Singlemalt

    Excellent perspective. Fight their falsities with Truth & Facts…not emotions. Manage the fight from our side to erode the weak fringe supporters of their side. Beguile them with reason, not confrontation. Coax them with subtleties. Persevere over time…


    I’d like to encourage our side also to DOCUMENT TODAY’S CURRENT status, stats, and markers (along with the info sources), so we’ll be able to show how their side’s actions, decisions and policies are causing continual decline and detriment over time.

    Document as many official economical and sociological measurements as possible, to use later to show the accumulating adverse effects.

    Let’s outsmart the “best and brightest”. And plan to take no prisoners in this war…this battle is for everything. P.S.: Harden your Faith Armor daily.

    1. Eubie Karnal

      I voted for George H.W. Bush twice for president. His no new taxes statement was blatant prevarication.

      I voted for George W. Bush twice for president. Even though he wouldn’t fight back when he was viscously attacked by his “good friends” in the other party. And he left office with a 27% approval rating.

      I voted for JEB! twice for Governor of Florida. The Bush family just assumed that we were bound to keep the Bush dynasty going because we owed it to them.

      I voted for John McCain and Mitt Romney for president and both were flat out losers.

      I’ve watched the republican leadership squander the majority that was handed to them in 2016.

      Yet, here you are writing about subtleties and the long game. How would those results be different from the losing results of 2016. Your approach is nothing more than the same old game plan that worships the process rather than results. It says that we should learn how to lose with grace and honor.

      The fact is that we are engaged in a street fight and the Republicans are losing badly. Yet you want conservatives to use subtleties on an opposition that eats their lunch every time subtleties are tried.

      A total change of leadership and a new philosophy is the only “long game” that will save the GOP. And believe me, I speak for a lot of disillusioned party members that will no longer tolerate the policies of incremental surrender to the opposition.

  2. Buck

    I don’t suggest that we form our version of BLM or Antifa, but taking the “high road” has gotten us nowhere for the last 50 years. We need to adapt some of the tactics of the left if we are to win.

    Demagoguery is definitely in order. We should never concede anything. Surrender is off of the table forever more.

    Foremost on my list of things to do is to defeat every freaking RINO possible in their next primary. Donald Trump smoked them out. The least we can do is defeat them at the ballot box.

  3. AzMountaineer

    Justice is a dish best served cold. Logic and reason are our virture. Insanity and chaos are theirs. The left must be soundly defeated. God bless America …

  4. Antoninus

    How do we channel our emotions into a long-term strategy of positive resistance?

    We start by refusing to accept the lies of the left whose acolytes constantly challenge conservatives in media hit pieces to deny there was any election fraud. We stop using the convenient terminology of the left that relabels semi-automatic rifles as “assault weapons” and other egregious creations such as “social justice” which are nebulous and have no bearing in reality.

    We pressure our state legislatures to create meaningful election reform so that the radical socialist Democrats can’t steal the next election like they did this one. We also demand an end to abortion and other egregious assaults on the country such as infringement of our Second Amendment rights.

    We primary RINOs, period! We follow President Trump’s endorsements and work to get those people elected.

    Most of all, we subscribe to the famous challenge of Winston Churchill to the British in WWII to “never, ever give up!”