You can’t trust any politician or conservative media member who doesn’t pass the ‘Trump purity test’

Durk Jerc

Durk Jerc

You can't trust any politician or conservative media member who doesn't pass the 'Trump purity test'

I’ve never been a fan of purity tests. They’re polarizing, subjective, and almost never reveal the truth. A good example is Senator Marco Rubio. Before heading to Capitol Hill, he was the Tea Party’s darling, the future of the party, the guy who was going to head to DC to chew bubble gum and kick ass. But within a year it was clear that the Swamp gave him all the bubble gum he could ever want and the only ass he was going to kick was his own.

What happened? He said all the right things. As a state senator, he seemed to be a constitutional conservative, at least as well as we could tell. The Tea Party groomed him so many conservatives trusted him. Then, he joined the Gang of 8, put his neoconservative ideology in full view, and started voting like a John McCain puppet.

Purity tests generally fail. But we’re stuck with using one going forward. It’s the Trump purity test. Some will be able to beat it easily because they don’t have anything hanging over them. These are the grifters that are going to try to “keep MAGA alive” under their flag of whatever scheme they’re selling. We can expect Tea Party 2.0 to rise in various forms. Some may actually be useful for a while and they’ll be able to pass the Trump purity test. That’s not to say there won’t be good organizations that rise up or form in the wake of Trump’s administration, but nearly all of them will be failures or grifters. Be mindful of that and tread carefully when the “keep MAGA alive” crew comes asking for money.

The Trump purity test may not be able to sniff out the grifters, but it can help us get a handle on the lawmakers and conservative media members who have always hated President Trump. These are the ones who will try to distance themselves from the President. Some will be giddy and sudden like Mitch “Nothing Left To Lose” McConnell and Eric “NeverTrump Okay Fine Trump Wait Still NeverTrump” Erickson. They disembarked from the Trump train faster than Fox News could call Arizona for Joe Biden.

Most will ease their way out. They’ll express regret over the election but, aw shucks, we tried and failed and we have to move on you guys. But over time they’ll rebrand. They’ll rewrite their own personal history. They’ll try to maintain their conservative cred while quietly steering towards their safe space in the Republican Establishment. They’ll eventually stop talking about Trump altogether. These people were happy to cling to his coattails until they thought it was safe to let go.

The Trump purity test is simple. Those who are our true allies as we move forward into a Terrified New World under potential president Joe Biden (I still think a miracle can happen before it’s too late, but I’m not holding my breath) will be the people who do not jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon. For example, anyone who has watched the President’s speech during the January 6th rally knows for certain that he did not encourage or in any way spark the attack on the Capitol. It’s ludicrous to say he did, but somehow a majority of Americans have been sold on the lies.

Anyone who blames Trump for the Capitol riots in any way at all is not our ally.

Another obvious purity test is the election itself. It was stolen. This is crystal clear, so much so that only the totally ignorant or the absolute liars can say otherwise. The evidence is beyond overwhelming. That doesn’t mean your buddy at work who doesn’t know the facts should suddenly be your enemy because he’s skeptical of voter fraud. Remember, this test is for politicians and conservative media, the people who definitely know all about the steal. If they disregard or excuse away the accusations, they’re complicit. It doesn’t matter how much they pretended to support the President for the last four years. If they deny voter fraud, they’re the enemy.

Friends, we’re on the verge of being wiped out in America. I’m not exaggerating when I say they want us to have zero input other than our tax dollars. And why I say “they,” I’m referring to all Democrats and a growing number of Establishment Republicans. They’re opportunists, all of them, and this is their opportunity to rid themselves of the people they hate the most: us.

We have to stop pretending like unity or reconciliation are possible. They do not want to reconcile. They want to eliminate. They want to completely obliterate the movement the President started. And that means making us compliant or making us disappear.

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  1. TheLogicalConstructiveCriticalConservative

    Just found your website recently and truly respect and agree with its content. Again, this posting is spot on. Not sure if you agree, but along with “waking up/informing” others as you’ve been doing, we need to start communicating ideas/ways to get like minded people motivated. First, every registered Republican should change voter party affiliation online, preferably to Unaffiliated. Get off the Google/Twitter/Amazon etc bandwagon by utilizing other products/services (as best they can). Help to create parallel NON DEMOCRAT/SOCIALIST companies/services. I can go on and on but I think everyone knows what I’m saying.

    Lastly and more importantly, we must all stay calm and resolute as to our principles and practices of life. I know this is f**king hard to impossible now, but if we all don’t get are minds straight and focused THEY WIN AND WE LOSE…..again.

  2. Eubie Karnal is heavily censoring all comments. The establishment have got the pressure on.

  3. Annette

    TRUMP os by far the best president ever! I believe TRUMP is where GOD put him.. He is strategic and has this all planned out! He sat back and let the poser Republicans expose themselves, to show us all who’s side they are really on. I believe President Trump WILL be our President for another 4 years, abd the establishment will crumble and fall! We must stand with Trump, and believe God is directing his steps.. I BELIEVE! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Janice DeWitt

    I was the spouse of a LRRP Airborne Ranger whose dad was in the Diplomatic core of cold war 1960s- He joined Army was determined to be Special Forces and navy seals made sure all 5’4″ of him made it. HE WAS a covert agent in Cambodia on his second tour. They took out his American fillings and didnt give them back-made him the worst mad- 26 confirmed kills For Murderer Henry Kissinger and he fought RedChinese regulars on LRRP missions near the No. VIET border. He knew early on why his Idea of going there wasn’t REAL.He wasnt a joiner after returning & escaped a locked ward at Walther Reed twice. The 2nd time he went go the. Caitol, overcame 2 guards quietly and was in Bill Youngs Office when He returned from session and TOLD him You have to get me out of the Army now. He was honorably discharged 2 Purple Hearts 2 Bronze Stars and A Silver Star.Hes gone to Our Lord 2011 – but I know Believe Me I know. JAN