Fox News makes changes to pander to lukewarm conservatives eager to be betrayed again

Durk Jerc

Durk Jerc

Fox News makes changes to pander to lukewarm conservatives eager to be betrayed again

I like Tucker Carlson. I sometimes like Sean Hannity. But I’ll never watch them again except in excerpts posted to Rumble. Why? Because they’ll never leave Fox News (unless a future alleged Trump TV offers them enough money) and therefore their messages are fueled by a company that despises my very existence in this world.

Unfortunately, I know I’m in the minority among freedom-loving Americans. You might say, “screw Fox News, I’ll never watch them again,” but you probably will. It’ll start by “just” watching the evening hosts who are generally conservative. You’ll get tired of One America News and Newsmax and whoever else you might be watching right now. You’ll miss the better-resourced productions and broader reach that Fox News has over their persnickety right-leaning competitors.

You’ll probably watch them again, not because you forgive them but because you’re like most Americans. We’re intellectually lazy. Deny it all you want but most of us want to be told what to think. We don’t want to read an affidavit about voter fraud. We’d rather hear it from Tucker who had his staff read through it, though they probably had an intern do the full-read before actually reading a bullet-point breakdown so they could write the copy for Tucker to read so we can digest the morsels. And that’s for a 1-3 page affidavit. Imagine actually having to read a proposed bill. Nobody does that, not even me.

If you’re like me at all, you will never watch Fox News again. Ever. They hate me. If you voted for President Trump, they hate you. But they need you. That’s why they changed up their lineup to deemphasize the news side and put more prime time attention on conservative commentators. Sorry, but that’s not good enough. They actively and enthusiastically participated in the coup that is currently handing the nation over to the whims of the Chinese Communist Party. They could resurrect Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Calvin Coolidge, give them each an hour in prime time, and I still wouldn’t turn the channel in their direction.

Admittedly, I’d really hope someone would put those shows on Rumble. But I won’t contribute my viewership to the most treacherous media company to ever exist.

One might say, “They’re better than CNN or MSNBC.” No, they’re not. With CNN and MSNBC, you get the enemy’s narrative in a form that’s transparent. They don’t pretend to like us only to attack us later. They attack is directly to our faces. Fox News strategically attacks us and our ideology while our backs are turned so the knife they insert can have maximum effect.

No, I’m not telling you to watch CNN or MSNBC. I don’t. But if I had to watch any of the news channels, it wouldn’t be Fox News. They need to be punished for their betrayal, and that punishment can’t be a few weeks of bad ratings. They must be diminished to the point of irrelevance in conservative spheres. Anything less than exile away from those who share our worldview is incomplete.

If you don’t like One America News or Newsmax, take the time to set up your subscriptions on Rumble, BitChute, and Brighteon. If you MUST use YouTube, so be it. They’re much less impacted by one less visitor than Fox News is when they lose household viewers. But whatever you do, don’t get sucked back into the clutches of Fox News. They’re complicit in everything bad that’s coming to America in the near and distant future.

At no point can Fox News be allowed to return to its pre-betrayal glory. They did everything within their power to make sure Joe Biden would be president. They made that choice. No shakeup in their lineup can change the fact that they did great harm to this nation.

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  1. Bruce donaldson

    I totally agree. I am only concerned as to how long they will allow Tucker to continue exposing the corruption and double standard that exists in the Democrat Party, and our legal system.

  2. Charles Murray

    Wow. Amen! But, Tucker is watchable because of his intelligence. Laura and Hanniy are necessary and consistent cheerleaders.

  3. Lino Serrano

    I agree with you completely. No more Fox News for me either. I’m watching Newsmax now exclusively. My cable service doesn’t carry OANN so I watch their livestream on the WEB. Here’s the URL if you or your readers are interested.

  4. Tim

    Fox news still in business? Haven’t seen them since early November.

  5. Darlene Taglione

    I agree 100%. People do tend to go to what they know and are comfortable with. This is a dangerous mistake. I will not be going back to Drudge, Fox, Facebook, Twitter…..

  6. Mark Daileader

    Wow like you read my mind or read this before, I written them for four years screaming at them for their deception claiming like every Rino (Lindsey Graham best example) they feel your pain. They are worse and more dangerous and like me force you to seek alternatives for news. You have a new fan please shine your light in these dark days we need leaders right now and they are hard to find.

  7. Daniel Reed

    Makes sense to me.

  8. David

    I offer my viewing allegiance to no one as I believe it’s all meant to deceive and influence me.

  9. Paul W. H., PhD, M.D.

    I sometimes watch Maria in the mornings on Fox Business & Lou Dobbs Varney is a scuzz the others are worse. Tucker is like an old …. an ex-girlfriend that is good in the sack …. The visits are brief and to the point …. one wrong word or hint of attitude **CLICK**

  10. Lin Kanitz

    Yes. Agreed. I will never watch Fox News again. The betrayal is deep. It will be remembered for a very long time.

  11. CTEBO

    I’ve been quite impressed and happy with Newsmax. It wasn’t difficult leaving FOX. After all, they still had Cavuto before this even started.

  12. Kim

    I am with you 100%. I do feel betrayed, esp. since I was a devoted viewer for so long and thought I could trust them. But then came election night 2020. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing….and then the next day it was confirmed. Fox was fake! I’m done, period. There are several other reliable conservative news outlets. You just have to seek them out. Too bad for Hannity, Tucker and Lou Dobbs,(and a few others). I hope to see them again on another venue but won’t hold my breath on that one.


    America is doomed. Chi-com operatives, Antifa, Democrats, Muslo-extremism, and dark marxism are on our front door step. The earthly throne will be soon established for a throne.

    Keep slurping SEE-EYE-AYE controlled propaganda and you’ll be blind to TRUTH.

    Your salvation is freely provided at anytime.

    Jesus Christ is the WAY & the TRUTH & the LIFE. This world shall pass away.

  14. Mary

    I agree with you! After watching Martha ( who I respected) and Brett on Election night and saw the change , that was the end for me! I watched Sean and Laura, but something just doesn’t seem right! I’m sticking out with some on Newsmax

  15. intellman65

    I dropped Fox News like a dirty shirt a few years and have been a big fan of One America News. I get that they are a small outfit but I like the way they deliver the news. Anyway, no more Fox for me!

  16. Debbie campion

    Agree 100%. I started leaving after primary 2 years ago. Completely done with them. Newsmax and OAN suffice very well