Detaching from the Big Three in Big Tech: Most will find it impossible, but it’s not

Durk Jerc

Durk Jerc

Detaching from the Big Three in Big Tech_ Most will find it impossible, but it's not

News broke last night that Parler is being pushed off Amazon’s web services. Let’s get out the obligatory question, “Why the &$#% were they relying on Amazon in the first place?”

Okay, what’s done is done. They learned the hard way that reliance on any of the Big Three in Big Tech—Google, Apple, and Amazon—is a losing endeavor for any company that is not completely woke. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a budding social media company like Parler or a ma and pa store in a San Francisco suburb. Eventually, you’re going to get cancelled.

There wasn’t much Parler could do about Google and Apple since apps are embedded in society. Most Americans use apps on their mobile devices. Many use ONLY apps when doing anything other than using their phones as… wait for it… phones. Since Google and Apple are everything when it comes to mobile apps, we have to start asking ourselves if that’s the best way to move forward if we’re not woke.

In an ideal world, the answer is clearly “NO!” These companies hate you if you’re not woke. They utterly despise you. They’ve been brainwashed into believing conservatives and anyone who loves freedom is a bigot who would rape and murder their children if ever left alone with them. But this is not an ideal world. Most have embraced having Google, Apple, and Amazon embedded in our lives. We can get rid of Amazon, for the most part. First, obviously, we should stop using them. Second, if you run a website or anything that uses their resources, move.

Apple and Google are harder in this mobile-only world. A short-term fix is to stop using apps. There are mobile web alternatives to just about everything. The dangers of apps have been well documented on conspiracy theory websites and for the most part, these warnings have been accurate. But it takes a commitment and it requires owners of freedom-loving services to deemphasize their apps. If Parler had done this with an explanation to their base (and, of course, had not been on Amazon in the first place), they would have been okay by directing everyone to their mobile web version. Instead, they’re on the verge of death right when they should be rising to prominence.

Getting rid of our technological dependency on the Big Three is challenging but not impossible. Use DuckDuckGo or some other private search engine instead of Google. Abandon Apple altogether. That’s not to say any of the alternatives are better, but for now they are. And then we get to the hard part. The tough sell. Ready?

It’s time to start disconnecting altogether. No, I don’t mean going off-the-grid, though there are clearly reasons to do that as well. But we have to assume that at some point in the future, everything that has to do with conservatism or Christianity or simple “unwokeness” is going to be blocked. It may not happen, but it seems to be heading in that direction. Does that mean we should all become ham radio operators? Maybe. But until there’s a true free-speech, free-thought alternative among ISPs, email providers, social media, and other communication tools, we should prepare for not being welcome on them.

We may find it hard to imagine ISPs doing to us what they do in China, North Korea, and Iran, but if we look around and follow the natural progression of a society that seems bent on reducing freedoms for the sake of forced security, we have to start thinking in drastic terms. We cannot assume anything is going to be available if it’s not somehow protected. We also have to watch as our protections are systematically lifted in exchange for woke protection alternatives. These aren’t things that anyone wants to talk about until it’s actually happening, which is why we’re in this mess in the first place.

Call these the ramblings of someone seeing devils around every technology corner if you wish, but there’s no longer much of a difference between being paranoid and being lucid. The two states of mind go hand-in-hand as society plummets into a dystopian near-future.

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  1. Gwen Carr

    I have a prepaid Android phone that has everything on Google built in. What and how can I change this?

    1. Durk Jerc

      Gab is about to accept pre-orders for there phone. Other phones are available that do not run on Android or iOS. It doesn’t have to be instant; getting a new phone usually works in cycles. But we must think long-term and start reducing our Big Three footprint and dependency.

  2. Vojto from Eastern Ontario

    Short of building a completely new physical communication network from scratch (and somebody will owe it), how do you go about assuring “freedom of expression” when any click, on any electronic device in the universe goes through Google portal? Presently, Google can stop any information exchange between any two entities.

  3. Marbran

    “They’ve been brainwashed into believing conservatives and anyone who loves freedom is a bigot who would rape and murder their children if ever left alone with them.”

    When in actual reality, it is the left who are the bigots (“everyone is racist!”) and really do rape (emotionally, mentally, and even physically) and murder (abortion) their children. The left always projects what they themselves are guilty of. ALWAYS.

  4. emmanuelozon

    I bought an Apple iPhone 6s for $117 online so I could facetime with my grandkids. My son set it up for me.
    I glanced at the phone one day soon after I got it and noticed that it was uploading to the cloud. “What are you uploading?” I asked.
    I found out that if you are signed in to your phone it will automatically upload to the cloud… everything that is on your phone…texts, emails, contacts, etc.
    I am never signed in to my phone. I deleted every app that came with the phone except those that Apple won’t let me delete, and turned everything off that I could and deleted my Apple cloud storage. Only took 30 days to delete.
    If it weren’t for facetiming my grandkids there is nothing that this phone offers that I cannot do elsewhere offline.

  5. Bill

    My next phone will be bought directly from the company international version. with That I can root and put any system I want on it. Am interested in the new gab phone.