Conservatives can either embrace cancel culture strategies or die with one hand tied behind our backs

Durk Jerc

Durk Jerc

Conservatives can either embrace cancel culture strategies or die with one hand tied behind our backs

Unpopular opinion: We all engage in cancel culture. It depends on how we define it, of course, but in a rare moment of clarity the editors at gave a pretty darn good overview of what cancel culture is, at least in American society:

Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming.

Conservatives and free-speech absolutists often rail against cancel culture while unwittingly participating in it regularly. Did you boycott the NFL for being a social justice company? Cancel culture. Are you calling on Congresswoman Liz Cheney and other Republicans who voted for impeachment to step down? Cancel culture. Did you cancel your Netflix subscription over any of the many progressive things they’ve done. Cancel culture. Duh.

Cancel culture works. It applies pressure to our adversaries just as they apply pressure to us. Somewhere along the lines conservatives and libertarians started calling out cancel culture to defend freedom of speech or something. That’s asinine. Our First Amendment rights do not extend to private life. Twitter is not breaking the First Amendment by banning people. You can rightly claim they’re abusing their Section 230 protections, but they’re not attacking the First Amendment per se. They’re attacking free speech as an overarching concept, but in reality there’s no such thing as purely free speech, not in American or anywhere in the world.

All speech comes at a price. Usually it’s small. Maybe we made a friend angry when we told them they were gaining a little weight. Feelings were hurt but the friendship endured so the price was small. If conservatives want to survive the next 2-4 years, we need to be willing to take and inflict more pain than that through cancel culture.

It’s hypocritical to think cancel culture must be opposed. Another way to make that more clear is to say we’re being disingenuous when we say cancel culture must be… canceled. We may not like it when it seems unfair to us, but it’s a tool and very powerful one at that. We need cancel culture if we’re going to save this nation from the radical progressivism that’s spreading across it. Instead of pretending like we think it’s a bad thing while engaging in it somewhat ourselves, conservatives and libertarians need to embrace it. We need to use it.

We need to use it against Amazon, a company that is up there with Google and Facebook as the most destructive to our nation. For years I justified using Amazon because of the value they bring to small businesses who would otherwise never make it by themselves. I also like that they gave access to millions of Americans who are not easily able to head to the store for supplies. But we must find alternatives because the damage Amazon is doing far outweighs the good they provide through convenience.

We need to use cancel culture against Hollywood. If you are a Republican, they hate you. If you are a conservative or right-leaning libertarian, they hate you. If you are a Christian, they hate you. And if you voted for President Trump, they especially hate you. Yet we continue to feed them our dollars and attention because we became entranced by the feeble brand of entertainment they deliver. Unlike Amazon, there are no viable alternatives yet, at least not that deliver the same type of entertainment. For me, I just don’t watch television shows or movies anymore unless I’m with friends or family who rely on it for entertainment. I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie or television show by myself. I watch documentaries, commentaries, and the occasional stand up comedian. But I’ve never seen an episode of The Sopranos. That’s still popular, right?

Many people who I respect have made it one of their missions to cancel cancel culture. I believe they’re making a fatal mistake. Instead of fighting it, we need to show the left how it’s really done. That means we must use the power of our patronage, whether it’s a website click or a visit to a store or a bill we’ve been paying from AT&T for the last 20 years. It’s time to cancel those who hate us and find alternatives that embrace freedom. Cancel culture as defined above specifies group shaming as the primary method, but it needs to be more than that. We need to boycott.

It’s not going to be easy. Just as there are no viable options to fully replace Hollywood, there are no freedom-loving professional sports leagues. The NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL all consider our ideology to be repugnant. There are very few options for us to cancel Google and Apple when it comes to mobile devices, though some are rising. We’ve already seen what they do to cancel us on social networks like Twitter. They’ve effectively killed Parler and I haven’t been able to post anything to Gab in a couple of days.

The pain we’ll have to suffer in order to properly cancel our participation with companies that hate us will dissuade most from even trying. But here’s the thing. If conservatives don’t engage in cancel culture now, we’re going to eventually be fully canceled ourselves.

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  1. Tone

    You should be fired for this. Period. “Our First Amendment rights do not extend to private life. Twitter is not breaking the First Amendment by banning people. You can rightly claim they’re abusing their Section 230 protections, but they’re not attacking the First Amendment per se. They’re attacking free speech as an overarching concept, but in reality there’s no such thing as purely free speech, not in American or anywhere in the world.”

    Do you have any idea what they hell you are talking about. Free speech is a private and public matter. The clear and present danger doctrine states you cant yell fire in a crowed theater but I can you fat or stupid. Do you even understand the the concept of the 1st Amendment let alone the cases involved with the 1st amendment?

    You should be fired immediately.

    1. TC

      Monopolistic Society should be purged.

    2. Justin W

      “You should be fired immediately”…sorry but in light of what the article was saying you are completely missing the point. It is not a private and public right. If a muslim goes into a church and starts shouting over the biblical preaching is not a right. By calling him to be fired is the same type of “cancelling” that the left does and which is not good. I agree with this article completely. Conservatives need to be more principled and stop patronizing business that hate them. That’s what he is saying. Stop being over dramatic and reactionary. He’s on your side.

  2. 92-B

    Try MMA, Collegiate Wrestling or Boxing.

  3. Scott seidler

    I feel like you just copied my thoughts and pasted it in this article. I have only begun to take these steps but after the last few weeks it is a very clear step se must all take. We have been funding these Marxist by participating in all this.

  4. Dece Nettles

    You still don’t get it, the Congress and Judiciary cancelled the Constitution and sent it through the shredder with the support of the Joint Chief of Staff of the military. Next these domestic enemies declared war on their own people with another 8.5 months of in-house jail sentences, social distancing and media to take down communication and interruption of food supplies. All to please their Chicom masters or who ever else is bribing them or giving kick backs.

    We are now free to form our own nations. The United States of America Inc. is as dead as a door nail. These politicians and authoritarians cancelled themselves.

    Free, free at last, that God Almighty we are free at last. These psychos wrote the play, but we the people get to write the last chapter.

    1. Linda Starr

      I believe we are an occupied country and our true government is in exile.

    2. Jane B Erway

      we meed a new party, we are a one party nation now and we need real leaders to start the movement. It will take off like a rocket. We cannot wait, time is ticking and 2 yrs for next elections go by fast as does the presidential election. We need to be ready. Boots on the ground NOW not tomorrow. Wish I was younger but 87 and in poor health but I was a big Tea Partier and sad when they gave up. I am sure we have the numbers to make a new party strong and a force to deal with but must be willing to play dirty like they do. Please pray for God to send us a leader.

  5. MustaffaBunghole

    I agree with you but this could have said we need to boycott every company that is involved in cancel culture and saved a lot of time.

  6. Bruce Robert Simon

    Conservatives will never again be a potent force unless we absolutely surrender our energy, our initiative, our zeal to the direction of Almighty God. Only the Lord has wisdom in everlasting abundance to give us His direction to both fight and inaugurate a new chapter in reclaiming America

    1. Jane B Erway


  7. David Jones

    It’s not enough to simply stop paying these satan-worshiping commucrats for their unnecessary “entertainment” and consumer-whore culture. We must cut off their supply lines. Cancel their food deliveries. Every truck driver needs to refuse to deliver food to our enemies. Every farmer must refuse to sell food to our enemies. Let the food rot but under no circumstances feed our enemies. Yes they’ll try to import food from outside the U.S. Dock workers, loaders, fork lift drivers, crane operators must all stand down when a shipment is scheduled for delivery to a commucrat city. Cancel their car maintenance. Every patriot mechanic should refuse to service commucrats. Let their cars break down. Let their asses walk or take the bus. Every patriot roofing company must refuse to roof a commucrat’s house. Let their roof cave in, especially in winter. Every patriot HVAC company must refuse to service commucrat homes. Let their furnaces break down in winter. Let them freeze to death. Every patriot dry cleaner, cake shop, coffee shop, tell the commucrats to GTFO, cancelled. Patriots will survive without hollywood and social media apps. Commucrats will not survive without food, heat, transportation, shelter.

    1. Candace McIntosh

      Totally right. Trumpers are the majority of people with real living skills.

    2. Logical Conservative

      Agree with your comments. I read an article yesterday that Giant Food, a grocery seller in DC/East is now labeling products “Black Owned” to stir up minority business/sales. Everywhere we go divisiveness keeps hitting us in the face. Plus, Biden, his own words, states that ONLY Black, Latino, Native American, and people of color will receive small business stimulus aid. WTF?
      To EVERYONE not previously actively engaged to pontificate and fight the 2020 election fraud: YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

  8. Jerry

    Great points. We should also stop going to big chain stores that require masks.

  9. Candace McIntosh

    Totally right except that the Twitter thing is totally both a first amendment infringement on free speech because they are required to be an open platform only and also a RICO and anti-trust thing because they colluded with other ‘platforms’ to stop free speech. We need a new party, annual dues of $100, a war chest to find and support good candidates, build communication networks, and defend victims of leftist aggression. The Republicans don’t have enough spines to do the job.

  10. Steven

    Your understanding and opinion is parallel to mine … but you said it better than I would.
    Thank you.

  11. Deanna Nace

    Is a “List” being put together by anyone of companies who hate Christian Conservative Trump supporters? I want to stop giving my money to these haters. It would be cool if a list is posted, if we could contact the list maker to add to it as time goes on & we discover more.

  12. bob

    This is easy to stop. All one need do is go to linkedin, look up companies like, google, twitter etc. Click on people and filter by location. You now have a list of employees working to supress your rights. A 4.99 subscritpion to whitepages will give you addresses and phone numbers. Sometimes just a call to the person can confirm they are the employee.

    From that point, terrorize these folks and their families.

    They are the modern Sonderkommando. They will help you on your way to the ovens and there is no reason they should be immune from the consequences of their actions.

    No Justice, No Peace, bitches.

  13. Lisa Merriam

    Easy to cancel Amazon. For products, I use Amazon for research, then look for the product elsewhere–often cheaper. If I have a day or two for delivery, seems a small sacrifice. I walk by the spot where Nathan Hale was hung every day–THAT was sacrifice! BTW, don’t just cancel, send a letter, email, AND make a phone call. If 75 million free speech supporters speak out, it will wake up the “woke.” Free speech–use it or lose it.

  14. Jordan

    Well said, very good! Especially where we have a choice (entertainment, supporting local business where/when we can). Otherwise we are giving our money and info away to those who wish to take away our freedoms.

  15. Lionel Mandrake

    “Unlike Amazon, there are no viable alternatives yet, at least not that deliver the same type of entertainment. ”

    I dont know what you mean about “entertainment” but you can buy nearly anything on Ebay you can get on Analzon.

    Agree completely on using the big C against them and we can but we also need one more even more formidable weapon to have this work – bust up the MSM.

    Always look to Occams Razor for answers. Simplest is usually the best. I am convinced more than ever now that the push to insanity is all from one source – the MSM. None, and I mean none, of the shit we are going thru now would happen without the daily, incessent lies coming from them. And more importantly they have relinquished their historical role as journalists that ALWAYS promoted true liberalism (in good sense) and went after overbearing power. 25 years ago Tim Cook would be facing reporters on his front lawn daily until he stopped his war against free speech and liberty. Same with the heads of Goldman Sachs, AIG and JP Morgan – all of whom the people they cancel bailed them out in 2008.

    Its the MSM. Until they are busted up we dont have a chance with, or without, the big C.

  16. Joan Chakonas

    Interesting. All of these new labels liberals concoct for bad behavior should be analyzed. Boycott is the real word. Modern people refer to it as a “culture” not from the Petrie dish from which it originated but because they confuse what comes out of a box as the way people actually live out outside of their little cellphones. I’m so sick of everything that’s stupid. Thanks for something different.

  17. Worth

    Absolutely right. Thank you for this exposition of the correct strategy to combat the group of people in the West who decide to live in an anti-God fantasy world. As those in counseling circles say, “Vote with your feet”; i.e. walk away. In this case, more specifically, vote with your wallet. Your hard-earned money needs to go to people who share your values and live in reality. You should not give money to people who ultimately want you dead or in prison; normally the former, if they stay consistent with their worldview. So you stay consistent with your worldview and punish people who do “wrong” and are on the side of “evil”.

  18. Sandra

    Choosing to not watch the NFL or not buy from a company is NOT cancel culture. It is simply making a choice as to how and where to wisely spend time/money. Conservatives do not try to drive companies out of business and ruin people’s lives that they disagree with. We simply move away from that which we don’t like, but we leave the company, business, etc there for others. That is the difference. Progressives want to destroy and wipe off the face of the earth anything which offends them or with which they disagree. Conservatives…live and let live.

  19. Dan Rosencrance

    Parler was beginning to inflict some pain on Twitter. The rate of doubling of new Parler (ex-Twitters) alarmed someone(s). Of course that couldn’t be allowed to continue. I’m completely on with you. For Conservatives to be truly effective, we must be better organized. That’s where the Left eats our lunch. Seventy-eight million angry Conservatives might make Amazon take notice. I’ve cancelled Facebook and Twitter and I think that Amazon is on the chopping block.

    1. Jane B Erway

      Do it! I did yesterday and they kept the credit I had, was small so I did not care and when I got the email saying a/c closed i almost cried because I wondered how many others would do it . Overstock.Com and Ebay are good but be careful with them some of their stuff is a second party and you have to watch where it will come from.

  20. babumjane

    i CANCELED my Amazon a/c yesterday, I do not shop at Walmart’s, Target and many others. This Christmas I bought hand made gifts from a little operation in Maine. I only buy USA made, hard but can be done, You can find a lot of USA madeon Ebay. I am careful of labels and will pay a few dollars more, which is actually cheaper than buying china stuff as we support their communist takeover and paying for illegals working cheap is a joke, add up the freebies they get and you pay double in the end for the item or groceries. Time to be serious, yes it takes time and effort but worth every minute. You can make the choice to support communism or pay a bit more and spend the time, which everyone has now.Overstock and Home Depot are good and lots more. Wake up and do your part.

  21. Barry Noblitt

    💯 on point

  22. JohninRedding

    No question we all use our pocket book, etc to send a message. The difference is what is the nature of your message. Conservatives will not throw up their hands and join the “agenda” of the “canceled culture” as defined today because we do not support their “agenda”. People have been lending or withdrawing support for ideas, efforts, etc since time immoral. The author is right though: it is hard to get everyone to not shop or patronize all these different businesses since they have made it so easy and cheap to do so. We need better options.

  23. jason farley

    i totally agree and i canceled my amazon account after they dumped Parley.

    1. Red Cardinal

      Me too

  24. Normal Guy

    Did you just call child porn PROGRESSIVE?

    Canceling Netflix to avoid child porn charges is hardly cancel culture lmao wtf

  25. Antoninus

    Exactly! I’ve been saying for years that conservatives must learn the tactics of their enemies on the left and use those tactics against them. For example, conservatives should read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the lefty blueprint for culture war through community organizing, learn its principles, and use those principles against the left itself.

    Conservatives tend to be those with jobs, education, and wealth, and that wealth should be directed to outlets friendly to conservatives instead of being wasted supporting lefty businesses that hate us.

  26. Red Cardinal

    It is obvious truth.