Canceling the Republican Establishment requires full commitment that will not bend to the coming pain

Durk Jerc

Durk Jerc

Canceling the Republican Establishment requires full commitment that will not bend to the coming pain

Conservatives learned a hard lesson following the 2020 presidential election. It’s a lesson we’ve had to relearn over and over again, but like an abused spouse who just can’t leave, many of us kept coming back for another beating. We basked in the “good times” of President Trump and an apparently unified Republican Party in Washington DC (Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins notwithstanding) and thought wistfully that maybe the Republican Establishment finally understood us.

They didn’t. They pretended to be on our side until the moment it seemed safe to abandon the President and his base. That’s when many of us realized just how much Fox News, Mitch McConnell, military leaders (as opposed to actual soldiers), around half of the GOP in the House of Representatives, and a majority of Republicans in the United States Senate all hate us. If we believe in President Trump’s America-First, Drain-The-Swamp vision, then we are only useful as donors and “lesser of two evil” voters.

This isn’t new, of course. This is how they felt the whole time even when they were pretending to defend President Trump and his agenda. They rode his coattails and took seats on the Trump Train. But they made sure their seats were close to the exit so they could hop off as soon as the coast was clear.

We were suckers to think they’d learned the lesson that we do not want their neoconservative, business-as-usual brand of Swamp governance. We were fools to think they finally realized they work for us. They were biding their time for a Joe Biden to come along and save their from having to pretend they love this country. These people represent the worst part of America, even worse than the radical progressives rising to control the Democratic Party. At least with people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we know what we’re getting. With people like Dan Crenshaw or Liz Cheney, we were caught flat-footed with our expectations that they were willing to do what’s best for America.

It’s long past time to cancel them. All of them. The Republican Establishment must be abolished completely. It has been useless since the formation of its current manifestation in the 1970s. Its only purpose has been to prevent constitutional conservatives from driving the narrative and agenda for the party. They’ve maintained control over the GOP, not because of their ideas but because they’re good at fundraising. That’s it. The only question that seems to be popping up is whether we should try to fix the party from within or abandon it for a new one.

Both options have major drawbacks. Fixing it from within has proven futile during past attempts. As exciting as the Tea Party was, its efficacy was limited. There were many more losses compared to the highly publicized handful of wins. Many of those wins have already been reversed through losses or conversions. How many people remember Tim Huelskamp or Dave Brat? If you’re reading this you’re probably among the more politically aware, but ask your neighbor or cousin if they remember these “major” Tea Party victors from just a few years ago.

The other way the Republican Establishment killed off Tea Party candidates was to engulf them into The Swamp. Lest we forget, Marco Rubio was arguably the most ballyhooed Tea Party win. Less than 18 months after being installed at Capitol Hill, he was the poster boy for John McCain’s “Gang of 8” and began to systematically normalize his neoconservative values. Today, he’s a so-called “rebel” within the GOP Establishment based solely on an occasional dissenting view from Mitch McConnell. Today, his votes line up more with Lindsey Graham than the promises he made when he was a Tea Party candidate.

The other option is to form a new party. This is difficult. It’s easy to form a party. It’s even relatively easy to raise enough money to put forth a valid candidate or two. But unless President Trump himself were to directly form his own party, I have major doubts that one will be able to achieve the velocity necessary to make a minor impact, let alone a serious one. I’ve worked very closely with multiple third party attempts, including the Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, Federalist Party, and other smaller efforts. They all suffer from a lack of strong leadership. Unfortunately (or fortunately if it actually happens), the only person in America who could come close to mounting a serious third party launch would be President Trump.

It’s important to note that I did not mention as a liability of a third party the notion that doing so would make it easier for Democrats to win. This is a common complaint against conservative third parties, and it’s a silly one. First, we can count on one hand the number of times a third party truly changed the results of a major election in the last century. Second, at this point there’s very little difference between the Republican Establishment and Democrats. McConnell and his cronies are great at Kabuki Theater, bad at actually opposing the Democrats in a meaningful way.

The other argument against a conservative third party is valid. Most states require party registration in order to vote in a primary. If enough constitutional conservatives switch from Republican to Independent or a third party, it will become harder to nominate the “good guys” in the GOP. But here’s the thing. If a third party is going to be successful, it has to be a commitment. That means those who embrace it go for victory from the start. In such a scenario, Republicans become just as important to oppose as Democrats. A third party would need to establish velocity early on, and that means not voting for Republicans at all in primaries. If constitutional conservatives run as Republicans in this third-party scenario, then they’ll need to learn the hard way that they aren’t welcomed by the GOP.

If I had to endorse one of these ideas, I’d push for a hard reform of the GOP. The Tea Party made so many fatal mistakes during its six years of prominence that it would take a few articles just to give an overview. The fact that they were only relevant for six years is the most obvious fatal flaw caused by all the others. In short, a “revived” Tea Party would and should fail miserably as the vehicle to reform the GOP. If enough strong personalities were to get behind a Tea Party 2.0 that is more than revised but completely revamped instead, it could work. Or, it could be different organization altogether. One thing it could not be is a bunch of smaller organizations going in slightly different directions. That was another fatal flaw of the Tea Party. It was actually several Tea Party factions who acted more like tribal fundraising warlords than a cohesive unit made up of like-minded patriots. Their leaders were simply too greedy, too shortsighted.

The Swamp on the GOP side will not go down without a fight. The damage they’ll inflict will be major. This nation may see tougher times than now before it can possibly be made better, but we have to defeat the Establishment to have any hope of defeating the left.

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  1. Kevin

    I’ve already Canceled My voter registration and Have Been removed from the VOTER ROLLS……I will not VOTE in a RIGGED ELECTION giving it any Creditability with My good Vote…..THE GOP/RNC is dead to Me….NEVER AGAIN

  2. Chris

    In Canada there was a similar situation with the Conservative party and Reform party. Reformers were Right of Center Conservatives mostly from the West of Canada. The vote was split between them during several elections and they decided to combine again to become a new more conservative Conservative party (at least for a while). The problem is that politics attracts people with low morals who will lie and morph into who they think the voters are looking for just to be elected and obtain power. the Conservative party in Canada has turned back into the old party similar to the GOP. Whether you start a new party or try and eliminate the traitorous self serving immoral people currently in the GOP. The most important thing to do is vet your new candidates. Maybe give them a psych evaluation to see how far on the spectrum they are to being a sociopath. I would primary the traitors myself and if it isn’t successful to get rid of them I would have outside parties (media) from the right destroy them and urge republicans to stay home and not vote. If conservatives are serious in wanting to transform the party to get rid of these people you are going to lose upcoming elections until the internal battle is over in my opinion. But in the end you will have a stronger party easily capable of winning and fighting these communists at least until the next generation comes along.

    1. jfhdsiu

      Douglas Adams of “The Hitch Hikers guide” fame once said, (paraphrased), “Anyone who spends THAT MUCH of other people’s money to convince you that you should put THEM in power, should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES be allowed to RECEIVE that power”, i.e. become your MASTERS, as the case may be. He with the ‘MOSTEST’ money with which to do so is the LEASTEST, (mispelled for effect), desirable as a leader!

  3. Jerry

    Will any one ever be able to win against the Democrats because there will never be another fair election because of all the voter fraud.

    1. Yvonne

      Unless all the election fraud is eliminated, those Dominion voting machines MUST be thrown out, the voter rolls must be cleaned up, we must stop voting that extends 15 days after November 3, etc., we don’t have a chance in hell of winning no matter if we create a third party or get rid of almost all of the RINO’s. And we will NEVER win again if Biden, as he says he’s going to do, eliminates the electoral college and makes D. C. and Puerto Rico states. I think it’s all over already. I don’t even think Trump can win in 2024 because of what Biden is going to do. He was the best President of my lifetime and look at what the RINO’s and Demoncrats have done to him and to us.

    2. My cut 😊

      I have asked the same question.

  4. Colleen Demusz

    Let’s bring what America was founded on, built on, fought for, back!

  5. Sagacious

    I think it’s really all dependent upon what Trump decides. If he is willing to become the leader of a third party, his 80 million voters will follow. He is the strong leader who could galvanize support for a new party and leave the GOP to die on the vine. If, not then we must simply primary EVERY GOP RINO and build the party into a conservative one from within.

  6. David Kelley

    Please read my article “A New Party” and tell me what you think and your thoughts on how we move forward. God Bless America!

  7. Alex Nidetch

    good analyses

  8. David P Smith

    I agree with this approach and think it is most likely to succeed in this manner.

  9. Jim R Metzger

    It’s time for a major change,like the author, I don’t have a clear path. My fear us that the next four years,even two years,will bring so much bad change that america (small a) will be unredeemable, lisit for ever. It may, will probably, require more positive approach that may include the spilling of some blood. I certainly hope and pray not, but at this juncture, I don’t care any other way. JMO

  10. Mathew Jones

    I’m all in to take this country back, what ever it takes. Will follow DONALD TRUMP to the end. My God bless him and all patriots. Defend the greatest nation in the world.

  11. Johnmann

    You make an excellent point, one that probably points toward creating a new conservative party, rather than purging the GOP of so many corrupt UniParty officials. The reason being, it is impossible to purge over half of Republican elected officials, who have, over the years, evolved into money grubbers with no ideals or morals…. this requires recalling and primarying on a Hurculean scale It would be, in my opinion, easier to set new “purged” ground rules for a new Trump-lead conservative party, and maitain quality control of who becomes a member, who gets booted out, and what precisely the party agenda is. One of problems with the GOP is failed RNC leadership, which rarely reigns in corruption within its membership, and establisment RNC elite who actually demonize conservatism and gave half-hearted attempt to get Trump reelected. Many conservatives felt the establishment RNC deserted them; with a new 3rd party you would have incredible energy from the conservative base, and you would capture the 80 million voters who are ready, willing and able to reelect Trump. Now, if the voter fraud issue (Dominion, Precinct corruption, etc.) could be solved, the third party would be a jackpot.

  12. Lance Tanner

    Must be “The Trumpian Republicans”. Ron Paul warned of the failures of a third party (He should know). Only vote for those that “think Trump.

  13. Danny Randolph

    Excellent article! Finally someone speaking truth. Someone with the foresight to know what needs to be done.

    Durc I will continue to follow you as you continue to track and report on this issue.

  14. Mark

    we’re between a rock and a hard place.

  15. Bonnie Anckersen

    There is another possibility: a convention of the states. A heavy lift, but doable, especially in the face of the tyranny that is coming. I believe more states will be open to such a gathering. 15 states have already ratified; need 19 more.

  16. Alma Jackson

    RIGHT ON!!! Whoever wrote this article, must be my kindred spirit because I have spoken the identical thoughts to others who want a third party. It is as if I wrote this piece myself. And yes, we must fight. Fight, fight for true elections. Babe Ruth once said, “It’s hard to beat the one who never quits.” We can’t quit! Life isn’t fair nor easy.

  17. Richard H Todd

    Well written and totally agree. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Bobbi Eckman

    Absolutely devastated at what happened in America. At 74 I just can’t accept this travesty .Our own military failed to protect our president from attempted coup. There is so much evil and stupidity present.Back stabbers galore.I’m sure world is stunned and North Korea,Iran and China are about to take advantage of this.Its a fact if Biden was elected by the people he would not have needed walls and thousands of police for protection.70 million people are quite upset…