After the purge, a lot more people are based and don’t even know it

Durk Jerc

Durk Jerc

After the purge, a lot more people are based and don't even know it

Conservatives and Trump supporters of every stripe are getting banned on social media. Twitter in particular has been quite aggressive the last couple of days, going so far as to take down President Trump’s account. Normally that would be their prerogative if it weren’t for the fact that they receive cover under the guise of being a “platform” through Section 230. But it’s not them who is breaking any laws. It’s the feckless leadership in DC who refused to do anything about it. Big words. Lots of sound and fury. Signifying nothing.

So, are you “based” yet? You should be whether you were banned or not. You should be whether you’re a conservative or not. Between the stolen election, the massively coordinated coverup, and now this purge of all who voice opinions unacceptable to the truth-gods in Silicon Valley and their overlords in the Chinese Communist Party, it’s time for everyone who cares about this nation to get based.

What does it even mean to be “based”? I’ve been asked that a few times in recent days and to honest, I’m not completely sure. The word means something different to everyone, and while we can use the Urban Dictionary definition for a close approximation, it really doesn’t matter. If you believe you’re based, then you are based on the accepted definition of the term. Think of it as a post-truth expression of one’s self from an unwoke worldview.

But we cannot expect everyone to understand. They don’t realize the world is being controlled by nefarious forces, demonic forces, that want nothing more but for us to submit to the newthink they’re peddling. We’ve already seen “conservative” websites bowing to the truth-gods at Facebook, avoiding topics like climate change, Eric Ciaramella, Hydroxychloroquine, and voter fraud. Not all of them, mind you, but many. Perhaps most. It’s disgusting, and I’m technically not even a mainstream conservative, leaning more towards conservatarian or federalist or some other semi-meaningless label. But I do believe in freedom. I do believe in choice. And I’m certain that whoever or whatever is behind all of this, they’ve been preparing for this day for years, maybe decades.

What have we been doing? Nothing. As “smart” as we claim to be, we were hit over the head with the wakeup call for the ages. We were thinking Trump was playing 4D chess while they’ve been coordinating an 8D move for ages. They’ve embraced the Neo-Marxism spawned from a century of correcting their original concepts of communism. They’ve been taking action in their long game for at least six decades, infiltrating and eventually taking over the education and media systems in the nation and around the world. We were busy putting out the fire of the moment and they were plotting out fires to go on the slow burn for decades.

I don’t want to sound like I’ve completely given up. Far from it. One of the reasons I built this website in the first place was because I knew there would come a time when we needed cover. I knew we’d eventually need a place to post our thoughts without fear of being de-platformed or de-monetized or de-stroyed completely. Being “based” has many meanings, but for me it’s about being myself without fear of repercussions. If they want to try to shut us down, so be it. We can fight but they’ve already demonstrated they’ve got the numbers and the forces of darkness behind them. We thought we could live on borrowed time in the realms they created. Twitter. Facebook. Patreon. YouTube. Whatever.


No, I still haven’t given up, but it’s time for us to get bold. I don’t think that means it’s time to get violent. I know a lot are talking about civil war without having a clear understanding of what that even means. It’s not like we can divide between the north and the south. Are we to go to war with our neighbors? Family members? People in our own households? If there’s a better approximation that some have embraced, it’s that we may eventually need to engage in a modern revolutionary war. But again, not yet. For us to get bold means we need to take away what they use against us. If you want to stay on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, that’s your call. If you want to use Google, it’s a bad choice but again that’s your call.

WE gave them power by borrowing time on their platforms and now we’re being told to pay them back or get evicted. How do we pay them back? By embracing their worldview. I’m not going start naming prominent “conservatives” who are out there claiming there was no voter fraud or that Antifa didn’t instigate the Capitol riots. I’m not going attack those use the phrase “conspiracy theory” as a pejorative when referring to what seems to be a crystal clear example of patriots being set up. Now that we see the purge happening, it’s clear why the setup happened. But I don’t expect everyone to believe me. More importantly. I don’t care if anyone believes me. I know what I saw. I know what they don’t want us to see.

If you’re sick of living any aspect of your life in fear and you’re ready to simply be yourself, you’re already based. Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask. Fight voter fraud or don’t. Play on Twitter knowing your number may come up at any moment… so be it. Just be free.

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    Spot on.

  2. paranoid goy

    Welcome to the joys of maintaining a website. You will be trolled, you will be hacked. Make sure you understand the tools and methods to create backups, learn how to restore your site using thsoe backups. Do you have a server platform installed on your hard drive, for practicing doomsday scenarios? They WILL come after you if you diss the wrong people.

    P.S. You have more guts than me, I don’t have comments activated, have not found an extension that was not used to spam me and my readers yet.
    In the mean time, all the power to you! Givvem hell!

  3. anne tracy

    What’s to stop the two big operating system providers, MSN and Apple, from using the access they have to all of our computers via OS updates combined with their knowledge of political leanings gleaned from our internet activity, to lock up computers and/or disable internet access? We’re sitting ducks.