A quick reminder: Everything the left lets us see is a distraction from what they’re really doing

Durk Jerc

Durk Jerc

A quick reminder_ Everything is a distraction

The left’s playbook has been known to us for a while. And by “left” I mean anyone who is not firmly planted within a foundation of integrity; even some who are supposedly on the political right like Mitch McConnell and William Barr are de facto members of the “left” because their agendas for The Swamp and the Deep State align with the political left.

What is this playbook? When you don’t want the people to see one thing, you highlight something else. We can go over hundreds of examples over the decades that this playbook, based loosely on Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals,” but we only need to look at the last year and a half to get a strong idea about how it works. Joe Biden was caught up in a series of bombshells that were being uncovered by the Trump administration in 2019, so to distract away from the actual crimes the Democrats impeached the President.

It was a distraction. That’s it. They had no hopes of actually removing him from office. But they knew it would be fodder for the masses that would pull the attention of all media, whether left, centrist, or right. A handful on the right were trying to keep focus on Biden, but it was like trying to spread the Gospel at a rock concert. Few were interested and even if they were, they couldn’t hear the message through the cacophony.

This isn’t a call to ignore the news. It’s a call to see through the news and realize the motivations behind everything. That’s not nearly as hard as it sounds. Take, for example, the Capitol riots. This was a manufactured event. We can debate over whether it was Trump supporters, Antifa and Black Lives Matter instigators, or a combination that caused the storming of the Capitol and the violence that erupted across DC on January 6th, but what cannot be debated by anyone who is paying attention is that it was planned out and initiated for effect. Now, even most right-leaning news reports are talking about that instead of a plethora of other more important stories that will have long-lasting effects.

Here’s the latest example of how the riots were planned to establish the predicate for an even bigger distraction:

Is this true? Probably. Declassification may or may not be happening. I know, many on the right are saying it’s a done deal but until I see it there is nothing in our recent history that makes me believe it will actually happen. And if it does happen, it will not be as big as we expect. That’s the cynicism talking, I know. It’s the cynicism that has grown in me since the election. But I’ll allow for a modicum of hope because I’m generally a positive person (hard to believe, I know).

If it’s big, it will be downplayed by the media and another distracting “bombshell” will drop. If it’s small, it will be promoted by the media as a nothingburger. We’re all being played. We’ve always been in the state of being played. But if there’s one silver lining to the election theft (damn it, I hate saying there’s a silver lining to an existential threat to the world), it’s that more people are now aware they’re being played. Will this sudden awareness last or will the people be hypnotized back into a clueless stupor?

Like I said, I’ll keep this short by saying this: Whatever they say the big narrative of the day is in any given news cycle, seek out the real news that’s being covered up by it. Spreading the Gospel at a rock concert may be futile, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop.

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  1. Logical Conservative

    Being able to see things as they truly are/were is always the hallmark of being a bona fide CITIZEN no matter what country you’re in. With the embedding of governmental agencies in many (if not all) media entities, CITIZENS are required to go above/beyond what they’re fed via daily/nightly news.
    But US CITIZENS are lazy, narcissistic and low “common sense” individuals for the most part. (Exclude those born from early 1960’s and maybe 5-10% of those born thereafter).
    Sure they can do well in college, perhaps make some decent money, but ask them about the US Constitution, state and local government laws, etc, and you’ll get the same glazed eyed look you see when they’re bing watching Netflix or an episode of The Office.
    Being a “proper” citizen is hard work and requires a lot of time and effort. Knowing the issues and the candidates,etc. But most people I see at the voting booths bring with them the paperwork they get in the US mail to “tell them who and what” they should vote for. Both Republicans and Democrats.
    If you can imagine a country where it’s CITIZENS spent as much time researching and understanding the issues and candidates as they do on Facebook Instagram and Twitter we’d probably have a much better representative government.

    Or we can simply employ FRAUD and dictate those same things.

    Oh well, now back to grad school and Netflix.

  2. intellman65

    In total agreement with you. The mainstream Marxist media has been running cover for the Dems for so long that I am sure the Dems sit in on the morning editorial meetings and go over what the distraction of the day will be.

  3. Antoninus

    Time to take the Red Pill.